How did we meet?

New Year’s Eve. No date. No boyfriend. And, I had no hang-ups about it. There was not going to be a pitydavesusie4.gif party over that. “This could be an opportunity,” I thought.

My girlfriend and I were one of the only few people left on campus for Winter break at college. She lived in an apartment building — and she said some neighbors were passing out a flier for a New Year’s Eve Party. So, why not go?

We went. There was this guy there I had met briefly before when he was a customer at the bank I worked at. You see, I was working as a bank teller to put my way through college — and he had come in a few times. I’m a friendly person, and I always say Hi to people in a way that makes them feel like I already know them. (I’m from a small town.) That had made an impression on him, and he remembered me.

So, that night, I did have someone to kiss on New Year’s Eve. And every New Year’s Eve after that. I always just knew he would always be a part of my life. And then, I learned he found mushrooms too, as a kid, and that’s what did it. And, after a long courtship, and 18 years and 4 boys later, the rest is history. Our anniversary, here. For the Crazy Hip Mamas Blog Carnival!

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