How a one hour yoga session takes 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Doing yoga….
“Mom… I’m scared in my bed. Will you sleep with me?”
“Just settle here beside my yoga mat (it’s dark) and fall asleep.
Doing yoga….
“17, 18, 19”
“What are you doing now?”
“I’m doing my exercises… I’m doing 100 pushups.”
Doing yoga…
“Mom, I’m thirsty. Can I come downstairs for water?”
One water cup filled, sent them off to bed again.
Doing yoga…
“Mom, I have to write an essay about this editorial cartoon – and I just don’t get it –why is Obama afraid of Cheney?”
Doing yoga…
“Mom, I just remembered…”
“It can wait till morning.”
“OK… but don’t forget to tell me to remind you that it’s my share day at school tomorrow, and I signed up to bring the snack.”
Doing yoga…
“No. Go to bed. I’m busy.”
“But this is really important.”
“Go to sleep.”
”It involves electricity and water.
“I accidentally spilled my water cup all over the CD player.”
Doing yoga….
“Mom… if our team goes undefeated….”
Doing yoga….
“Mom… now, tell me again… our governor is ending snow days, why?”
Doing yoga…
“Mom… don’t forget. I need a plant for my habitat open house tomorrow night. A really BIG one.”
Doing yoga…
“Mom, can earthquakes happen here”
Doing yoga…
Mom… my feet keep getting uncovered. How do you keep covers from falling off of you all night?”
Doing yoga…
“Mom, my homework won’t print. It says out of ink.”
Doing yoga….
“Now it says it’s time to align the cartridges.”

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