Hot Nights in the Cabin

At night, I love how the bright white of the sun

is replaced by the warm incandescent light bulbs that glow inside the cabins, the cottages and the houses.

The sun soaked skin has left its mark on the backs of necks, and elbows — revealing the spots we missed with sunscreen. The grill has cooled off, our bellies are satisfied — you can still smell the coals on the grill. There might be a few cookies left…

We think we’ll turn in early that night… so there is no campfire.

Still, there are Foosball’s to sink, puzzle pieces to assemble, cards to be dealt,

teasing to perpetuate,

and stories to tell about what

happened behind the boats

on the water that day, or about

the turtle and frog that did not get away.

And so we finally go to bed with a single dream:  that tomorrow will be exactly like this one.


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