His Summer Daydream

Those electronically-empowered fifth graders. It wasn’t enough to simply bring in a few snapshots. No, instead, his answer to the question, “What I Did This Summer,” was to create a video. I thought it would take forever for him to learn how to split the video to eliminate all of the boring parts. And would he be able to figure out how to mute the audio when the sound was too distracting? And what about transitions?

But, of course, none of those questions came up. He had selected the photos and video, and was done with his video before I was finished cleaning up the dinner dishes. “Without music,” mom. It’s less than 3 minutes long.

It’s an interesting collage of his summer. Everything from the turtles, (some of the pictures he took) to the falling domino’s, to Charlie and the bullfrogs are included.  I wouldn’t have put it all together the way he did — where’s the theme? Where’s the transitions, and the captions to guide us through? They are not there — because that’s “not what I did this summer.”  This video, his video, perfectly gives us an inside glimpse of exactly how he remembers it — without transitions and subtitles — just one little daydream of “What I Did This Summer.”

You can watch his Summer Daydream here:

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