Hipsters, Mason Jars and Hendrick’s Gin

My client, in Williamsburg, is in the hub of hipster world. Williamsburg “grew” hipsters from its concrete sidewalks and brownstown buildings. I will not give you the technically marketing term identifiers, because they are varied, and some say they are fading out, giving way to the newest morph, “the yuccies.” Williamsburg is my client’s home: The hipsters have invaded, bringing new cash, rising rent and opportunity.  He pointed them out to me on the street — their furry, kinky hair and wild socks, and we laughed, and I said, “they look like brats.” And he laughed too, “yes,” he said.sj001

Since I’ve been home, I’ve done more research into this subculture, and found a morbid sense of familiarity with the hipster culture. So much so, that it’s beginning to look more like my foraging lifestyle at the lake… a bit too close for comfort. Tell me if you see what I  mean:

  • I use our empty Hendrick’s bottles as vases for the wildflowers that grow on the property. (One of the most popular Hipster Drinks because of it’s eclectic combination of Juniper and Cucumber.)
  • The almost religious daily ritual I’ve established to slalom ski or wakeboard at least once, each day I’m there.
  • I shop at Wal-Mart — which is one of the top ten Hipster brands. (Why?!)
  • The boys get their haircuts at the retired barber that lives on the lake, complete with a vintage barber chair (red leather) and a classic mason jar filled with baseball-shaped gum. OK.. so technically this is wrong… we’re getting our haircut: but it’s definitely not the mainstream place.dsc_03381
  • We drink from mason jars; so do Hipsters.
  • When there are not enough vegetables in the garden — I fry the daylillies: sustainable.


  • The constant whirring sound of the boys rip sticking on the wooden deck — barefoot.
  • From the third week in June until the fourth of July, I pick a gallon of black raspberries each day — and can my own jam.
  • We use the leftover berries to make our own soda from a culture of ginger, sugar and water.ginger bug010
  • My new client there, who is building a new website that links sustainable local farms with local restaurants and food pantries.


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