He’s Wordless


But if he wasn’t, he’d say, “Boy, am I glad to see you. I had the greatest time, I went down so many times, I wiped out once… I lost my poles… but then I found them…my fingers were so cold they got stiff… their hot chocolate is so good I think it’s addictive… and how many more times do I get to ski again? I’m so tired I can hardly stand so I’m going to go to bed now.”

Ski Club: Week 4.

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  1. Golly, it’s taken sooooo long the rest of your blog to load that I’ve forgotten what I was going to say now.

    Great photo. Can’t even remember when I last went skiing, but maybe…..sometime soon.
    Best wishes

  2. My oldest boys are taking skiing lessons this year — when we don’t get freezing rain storms on the nights they take lessons. The oldest went to the top of the face (dinky little mountain but still scary for mom) on his second lesson. They are hooked!

  3. He’s quietly surprised (and shhhh don’t tell… thrilled) over the Jason Dolley comment, Rene, and you are right… he does!

    Yes, we have had one cancellation because of the weather… and yes they are hooked… EXPENSIVELY hooked.

    And, kudos to him, for putting up with me taking “one more shot…” when he got home, and he was tired to the bone.

  4. Oh, skiing. I miss skiing, and you’d think I’d be able to ski when I live in *the mountains*…but nope. Last season i was pregnant, and this year I have a small one. But I’m going to make an effort next year!

    Sorry for the ramble. I love the picture, he looks so wiped out…and happy to be so tired, if that makes sense..

  5. could he be ANY more gorgeous? omg!!
    i have a daughter for him!!
    anyway…i’m so excited that you’re interested in my little project. i’m going to talk to the woman who did my blog and see if she’ll make a badge. i’ll keep everyone posted…for sure!!! this is exciting! i want to make it huge! i would love to see just how many bloggers that all of us can get involved in this!!

  6. Wow, he is so handsome! Your boys are all such fine looking little guys, and this one looks like he’s heading more towards being chased by crazed little girls! 🙂

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