Her Mother Was In Town

And, I don’t think I had seen her mother in over 15 years. So, even though I knew they were both busy, we found a time for me to sneak over for 15 minutes to see her. Yes, she had aged in the years I had not seen her… but she was still the same. And I thanked her again, for bringing such a talented, artful, creative person into the world. She hugged me as soon as I walked into the kitchen. And after we pulled apart, and started to talk, my friend gave me a hug… much deeper and longer than the one between her mom and me. And I noticed how her  mom, paused long enough to create space for that hug. Pausing her conversation… because she knows, that her daughter’s friendships will somehow grow to be more valuable and important. Because she know as the years pass, and parents fade away… it is our friendships that will replace the work of mothers. And these are treasures mothers cherish for their daughters.

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