He Has Fans: Update

The t-shirts have arrived!
And this is the image we ended up with:


Now… to keep our lips sealed until his birthday next weekend!

There is a sound that reverberates across the lake. It creates a blush that spreads across the face of the littlest wake-boarder, followed by a smile that we can just barely see, because we are now looking at the top of his head — he has modestly turned his head to look away. The sound, “BIG JOSH,” reverberates across the water, from the deep manly lungs of one of our great friends, his eyes covered by his dark sunglasses, as this littlest wake-boarder, picks up the rope, and starts to fly across the water.

I overheard the little guy bragging to his cousins, under his breath, “Our neighbor created this FAN CLUB for me — I don’t know why.”

The little guy’s birthday is coming up, and we do BIG birthday celebrations at the lake.  The black raspberries are all dried up, so my oldest son and I (he’s so artistic!)  have been spending far too long — half the morning, really, no, all or the morning, working with Photoshop to create this logo to be printed on t-shirts that we, his fan club will all wear on Labor Day weekend. It’s a surprise…. I’ll let you know when the final version is done… and we have them ready to go.

Really — it will be interesting to see how this design changes over the next hour or so…

Can’t decide whether to leave the anchor in or out…


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