26 comments to “Haven’t you ever seen a skeleton before?”
  1. hee, hee. I think it’s cute. My kids often wear “different” stuff. I love that they are free to be individuals with their own tastes and sense of style! There was boy a with a full length (covers arms & legs) velvet leotard on at our park one day……I think he liked how it felt on the skin (very soft!)

  2. Love, love, love it!!!! I can tell he is a great kid. If I saw him out, I would have to compliment his style.

    Does it glow in the dark? Even cooler…

  3. Susie, I think his costume is great. I love it when kids do this. We have friends whose son wore a blazer ALL of the time, for just about his entire third year, even in the summer. My friend just laughed and enjoyed the ride.

  4. This brings back memories. My daughter is a Halloween baby, and the costume creation always began in the summer. And then of course the wearing. Flower fairies are probably less startling than skeletons! I admire his sense of spirit. Maybe that ice cream will put some meat on his bones.

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