Happy Birthday Sweet Heart


We’re 3 days, and 4 years apart. And this year, we’re spending our birthdays apart. But the boys insist we make up for it this weekend with s’mores.

Here’s a message from each of the boys:


Thank you for the fishing poles.
Thank you for the lake house.
Thank you for my batman scuba divers.
Thank you for the s’mores.

Ditto from me — and more….

And, honey, by the way, here’s what 10 tons of sand looks like.


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12 comments to “Happy Birthday Sweet Heart”
  1. Susie J – you have the nicest posts! And you won the Whole World book and CD – okay, okay, so you were my only commenter, but it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person! I did not keep your snail mail address so can you email me again? Have you done a post about how you manage to keep the love alive with four kids and the many miles apart? I’d love to read you thoughts on that topic – it appears you do it so well.

  2. Happy Birthday to both of you!

    (I had a big sandpile to play with like that when I was little. I still have fond memories of it.)

  3. Yes — 10 tens of sand. Total cost? $81 — delivery included. The delivery fee was $50, and each ton of sand was only $3.00. I had planned on 5 — but my Dad said, you know 5 tons is not very much. So, at only $3 per ton — why not get 10.

    Life Jackets — from a marina. You want the ones that have handles on the back — so that you can pull them out of the water for emergencies. But I would also trust the ones from Lands End.

  4. I have to laugh about the sandpile. My husband ordered two truckloads of sand a few years ago. It is finally down to a manageable pile, after being used all over the property. We made need more — our boys and their cousins love playing on it then getting cleaned off in the lake.

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