Handwriting Gives Me Chills

I keep the oddest sentimental things. The very last Christmas card my Grandmother signed in 1994 and sent off to me is stored with my Christmas ornaments. Every year when I open the card, I get a rush of chills when I look at her handwriting; it’s almost as if I’ve breathed life back into her, and she’s right here, right now. Her handwriting is more evocative of who she is than the photos I have of her.

For that very reason, I tend to keep new Christmas cards as they arrive each year; this card may have the potential to be the very last one that person will send.To ensure I continue to get a steady stream of Christmas cards from the people who mean so much to me, I send them out; I send them early so that they will, hopefully, remember us in their annual list. I treasure the cards that arrive.

My Christmas card is done, thanks to the heads up from Minted that lit a fire under me and got me to finish the card early enough to share it with you.  This is the picture, taken in February, that we’ve chosen for the front cover.


More importantly, the design of the card is a snowflake that overlays right on top of the photo.  It will be gorgeous; and hopefully, ensure I get lots of Christmas cards in return.

My favorite quote that will appear on this year’s card is this: “Mom, I’m glad you married Dad, or else I would look completely different.” Learn more about how easy it was to create my card,  and more details about the process, here:

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