Halloween Skeleton Foil Hand Keepsake

I am quite sure that the art teacher that coordinated and master minded this project never intended this to be a Halloween decoration… but it is in my house!

 halloween skeleton handdsc_0013

I like the simple elegant lines of turning their hand into a skeleton — the nostalgia of having his hand immortalized — and it has an eerie quality to it. 

Now, I want to make one for everyone — so I’ll have a record of all the little goblins in my house, and hang them up every Halloween, along with my  footprint ghosts


If you want to make some too, head over to your craft supply spot, and pick up some Heavy Duty Foil. Cut it to size — an oblong size works best. 

Trace the hand with a dull pencil — it’s good if you can get the arm too. Add a few lines for bones. I used two thumbtacks, pushed through to create a post to tie a ribbon for a hanger. halloween skeleton handdsc_0016 Be sure to etch the initials and a date on the back. 


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