Halloween Mantle

My crafty-origami maker found these 3-d ghosts on Pinterest and wanted to make them. I obliged.

We blew up balloons and stuck them onto bottles for the base.


It was fun — although I think the project would have been more stable if we had used Styrofoam… but who has that on hand?

Next, we cut some cotton gauze into squares. ( I would recommend cheesecloth. It would have been more lightweight.)

We dipped the cotton into liquid starch.

We draped the wet cotton over the balloons.. the bottles fell over.. it was difficult.

Then, we let them dry overnight — while he cut (he actually cut a piece of paper!) out the eyes and mouth from construction paper.

When the ghosts were dry, he popped the balloons, and took out the bottles. Now, the ghosts stand up all by themselves. Cool.

After about 36 hours, the ghosts were dry, and ready to display on our mantle.

He added a banner of ghosts, for effect.




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