Guitar Valentine Box

Out of all the crazy, fun Valentine Boxes we’ve built over the years, I thought it might be fun to do something a bit more traditional. You know, something like turning that familiar “box guitar” we made for our toddlers into a Valentine Box.

The first step is to cut a hole in the box — a cereal box worked better than a tissue box that already had a hole in the middle.

You’ll also need a hole to slide the “neck” of the guitar into.

Cover the entire box with alumimum foil. What a great concept that shinny stuff is!

Then, using pencils to lift the bands away from the surface, cover the box with rubber bands for the strings.

Use an empty wrapping paper tube for the neck, and slide it into your hole.

We used picture wire to wrap around the neck to serve as frets.

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3 comments to “Guitar Valentine Box”
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  2. I have never. heard. of. valentine. boxes! Seriously!!! Not even here in blogland!!! It’s obviously a pretty common thing though because you say the classes do them at school? Crikey. I don’t even get a Valentine from my husband!!!!! 🙂 Perhaps I should introduce it at school this year and increase my chances??
    I LOVE the recycled and creative projects you do with your guys.

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