Growing Food From Food: Fennel, Cabbage, Leeks and Celery

We love fennel. We love cutting it up in little pieces and broiling it with salt and olive oil.

We use it like croutons on salads, and the boys simply just eat them by the handfuls.

We use the “base” to cook… and then I stick the fronds in a vase, so that the boys can nibble on the feathery-licorce flavored fronds.

I learned from Pinterest that you can plant celery by cutting off the bottom, and sticking it into the ground… so why not fennel too? It looks exactly the same at the bottom — so why not?

So, we cut off the bottom of celery and fennel,

and stuck them in the ground.

I love growing food from food I already have. I did the same thing with leeks… something I’ve been trying to grow for years — with no luck.

I simply cut off the bottoms (just like onions) and stuck them into the ground… roots down.

Just magical.


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