Miracles happen

Now, you’re probably going to think this is from one of those sappy Christmas movies, but this really did happen. Just as I was finishing up my previous post about missing my Mom’s cookies, a car drove up in the dark. Someone knocked on the door, and ran away. At my doorstep, was a plate of iced cookies, cut into Christmas shapes, pretty and festive, like my Mom’s.  There were also and chocolates wrapped in foil. The note said, we had just been “Claus’d” by two of my son’s classmates.

So maybe we are never alone.

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  1. Ho! Ho! Ho!
    Isn’t life a miracle? My son was one of the classmates involved. Together, with the other boy’s parents we made a list of 10 homes we wanted to visit. Our hope was to brighten folks day and have a little fun doing it. Yesterday, much to our surprise we had a couple of wonderful voicemail messages from two of the people we “Claus’d” and a post on this website. We started out to have some fun and maybe touch someone along the way. In the end, we were touched too.
    Two things come to mind:
    1) There truly is a higher power…
    2) We really do “reap what we sow”…
    Here’s to the “magic” of Christmas, may yours be merry and bright!

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  3. Susie-

    I’ve never been to your site before, but I was so spellbound by your haiku–

    I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas. Everything else I type sounds lame.

    God Bless You.


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