Great Things We’ve Done To Send Off 2011

I’m reading this book whenever I sip a cup of tea.

It’s wonderful.

We saw this movie with the boys,

We had so much fun watching it, we’re thinking about seeing it again… to watch the stunts.

I have made a ton of Praline Pancakes… and we nibble on them all day long.

I have crashed so many cars playing this game…

My husband always ends up grabbing the wheel and taking over… but honestly … it’s way more fun to crash into your opponent. Why all this emphasis on following that green arrow? Hitting the cones is way more fun!

If they don’t stop being so picky about it, I vowed I’d make them all play paper dolls with me.. or whatever it is girls do…

Took friends here:

but then we came back home so that we could drink more wine and eat more flatbread.

I’ve been making flatbreads again…

it’s going well, and the kids seem to like it! My husband and I love the Pear with brie and rosemary… but the boys like plain old mozzarella and sauce.

Roasting garlic!

How long has it been since you’ve done that? So pretty to do it with parchment, rather than foil.

And then, I saw some old, old girlfriends… and I realized just how loved we truly are. So for the New Year, we will be seeing more and more of them.

I’ve been playing 2 on 2 basketball with my husband and older sons. It’s a disaster… but I make a mean screen. (Whatever that means.)

(Picture to come… wait till you see the little guy with his glorious sock monkey hat…)

Still haven’t taken down the tree… I don’t have that “Photo” yet…


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