Gray Hair? Try Molasses

To find a healthy sweetener for your coffee or tea these days, you almost need a degree in chemistry to analyze the pros and cons.

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But what if we accepted sweetener for what it is — and just have a healthy form in moderation — a sweetener that actually gives your body nutrients.

It’s time to take a look at blackstrap molasses. (Think gingerbread cookies!) Because that is exactly what this old-fashioned sweetener will bring to your taste buds.

What can blackstrap molasses do for you? For one thing, it can get rid of gray hair. I don’t mean, you have gray hair, and you start taking molasses, and it transforms from gray to your normal color. No. That hair is already dead — I’m talking about new growth — and lots of it. If your hair is falling out, the molasses will bring it back.

How? Copper. This is an essential trace mineral for bodily maintenance.

Two teaspoons of blackstrap molasses contains approximately 14% of your daily recommended intake of copper, as well as many other trace minerals (such as magnesium, iron, and selenium) which work ‘hand-in-hand’ with copper to help restore your body’s physiological health…(copper aids the production of the hair and skin pigment melanin).


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Imagine if black strap molasses can do that for gray hair, what can it do for the rest of you? What is it fixing on the inside of me that I can’t even see? It turns out that blackstrap molasses is a great source of:

  • iron
  • calcium
  • B vitamins 
  • Manganese 
  • Heavy doses of antioxidants


All you need is a tablespoon or two each day to get the process started. And give it a few weeks– a month or two before you see results. 

Or you can just make these cookies…


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10 comments to “Gray Hair? Try Molasses”
  1. Hi Susie. I’m excited to try this. Has it worked for you? I’m 41 and starting to get a little grey streak.

  2. I drink molasses because I need iron… and then I stopped, like we do sometimes when we forget. And now, I’m seeing more gray hair… so I’m going to start again… and yes I think it has kept the gray away…

  3. I’m 50. Been drinking a tabespoon a day for 13 weeks, with lemon & hot water. I started it for perimenopause symptoms, and it has made new, brown hairs grow around my temples, & today noticed that I did not need to dye my hair as usual, because the new growth is blonde-to-brown instead of gray! I am probably 60-70% gray usually, so this is super exciting. I plan to continue indefinitely.

  4. Hello I m nearly 40 years old and my 70 percent hair is grey.. please can this help me to reverse.. how should I take this

  5. Can blackstrap molasses work to turn my hair back to my natural dark brown if I’m all grey with white hair now ?

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