Gray Converse Tennis Shoes

They are a charcoal gray, and they have an elastic stretchy heel… and I just love them.  They keep me light on my feet — and maybe it’s just an illusion — but a feeling of quickness.  And yes, while I took my black high-heeled pumps to New York City – but when it came right down to it, the subway stairs, the miles of concrete sidewalks – all the quick stopping and starting — those lovely converse tennis shoes won out. converse

And, it was so cold. Blustery, windy – like a real New York Winter… so, while I did bring jeans (the perfect pairing with the converse), I had this pair of wool gray culottes, which came from my wonderful client’s store, Fabtique. And, they were so surprisingly, delightfully warm — that I found myself pulling them on every morning that I went out to hit the streets in New York. Lots of layers, starting with a white turtleneck, a wool cardigan, and a shawl — and a pink hat — I was as cozy as a bug in a rug. And, that morning, I had 8 blocks to cover – it was the comic book release day, and I was on a mission to visit the store he’s always dreamed about going to — and I was only 8 blocks away.


But who would think of wearing culottes, with sneakers? Lots of people.


And people everywhere, in restaurants, in lobbies and even the stewardess on the plane — told me how adorable I looked.

So, imagine my surprise, when I jumped off the plane, and picked up the boys to head to the sports banquet — and they said, “Mom, you’re not wearing THAT?!” And I said, people complemented me all day on this outfit — yes, I’m wearing this.


And they said, “Mom, that’s only because they felt sorry for you.”

What do they know?

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