The proverbial “cat” or should I say “dog” has been let out of the bag. We are getting a puppy. Born on his birthday. After he was so successful watching Pearl, we thought it might be time to indulge the boys with some extra love.


The puppies are only two weeks old now — we are keeping tabs via this website of their progress. 

Stop it. Did you click over there? Are you just ohhhhing and ahhhing? 

We have several more weeks before we can take the puppy home; yet he’s already come up with a few sample names:

  • Strawberry
  • Krispy
  • Grape
  • Ella (Stella is already taken, so he though “Ella” might work. 

Obviously, we are having a difficult time coming to an agreement on a name. 



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2 comments to “Grape”
  1. While I reaize some pick out a name before they get a pup, I am from the “I need to be with the pup” school. I want to see a bit of the personality. Sometimes the name just clicks in and other times nothing seems to immediately fit. Normally I have a name within the first couple of days. My one girl took me a couple weeks.

    Boys and Labs go so well together – especially to a summertime lake family. The short coat is great too. I am a Great Dane person but, if I did not have a Dane, I would have a Lab!!!

    The best! A new adventure begins!

  2. Oh how I love our chocolate lab. He is the sweetest, kindest, funnest dog ever! There is not one thing I would change about him. I remember your old lab…we had a yellow before this chocolate too. He was a sweet old boy too. Those puppy days can be difficult no doubt. Now Bronx is almost 4 years old and I barely remember those first few months of him chewing everything up and putting holes in all our clothes from his teeth!! I always say that Bronx is just like one of the boys…curious, easy going, always wanting to be where the action is, and fiercely protective of his family. Oh how I love that dog…and that dog loves his people.

    Have so much fun with that puppy!!!

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