Got Birds?

If your memory serves you correctly, you will remember that in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller, The Birds,

the movie begins in San Francisco, and then moves to the country, a seaside agricultural town,  Bodega and Bodega Bay. (See if your memory can conjure up the sound of Tippi saying “Bodega Bay.” It’s cute.) Bodega Bay and Bodega (in real life, two different places) are full of dairy farmers, along the sea.

As you can see from these recent pictures, the sleepy little agricultural town of Bodega hasn’t changed much since Alfred Hitchcock was here.  There are still pickup trucks dotting the street. This is the town to make a pit stop to pick up some awesome goat cheeses and local artisan breads for “road snacks” as you drive along to your destination.

Because, that is ALL you’re gonna’ find around here… for miles.

This is the school where the birds lined up on the playground,

and where the children ran down the street to escape.

The church stands high on the hill.

Charming. And errie, at the same time.

And it appears as if Alfred has never left…

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