Google Earth, Double Masks, and Rosie Doesn’t Make the Cut

One will be home for make-up at 10:30 tomorrow, followed by a parade and a party. Then, the evening’s strategy will begin to unfold. This is the Google satellite map of our neighborhood:


It’s been appearing on our computer screen with increasing frequency

It’s all part of an ambitious plan to get the biggest candy bars in the neighborhood. 

Maxim candy bar size– minimum steps — that’s the goal.

There are people, like us, who pass out the mini-sized candy bars. But there are others, who pass out regular sized — and some JUMBO-SIZED candy bars. 

Quite amazing really — as I grew up at a time when candy was outrageously expensive, and all we got when we trick or treated was Bit-o-Honey’s and Candy Corn. 

Chocolate was a rarity. 

Tomorrow night, if the boys hit the jackpot, and get a “license plate” candy bar, they’ll be ready. That’s when they whip out the second mask — the double — so they can go back to the door and try for another.

I guess that would be considered a “trick?”

In the interest of time, Rosie doesn’t make the cut. 


They want her to stay at home — she’s too slow and too distracting.





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