Good Morning Grapefruit, Carrot and Ginger

The Key to Skinny, II

There is a survey out there somewhere that explains that people who are not overweight do three things:

  1. Eat Breakfast
  2. Weigh themselves every morning
  3. And I can’t remember the third. Honestly. When I remember what book I read it in, I will figure it out and post — I’m sorry.

I believe in breakfast — you are “breaking the fast” you had all night, and this food jump starts your metabolism — so choose carefully!

This shake is pretty — so I tried it (found the recipe on Pinterest, of course).

SPOILER ALERT!!! (The combination of grapefruit, carrot and ginger tastes as pretty as it looks… just be sure to add Stevia Powder— to cut the tartness with some sweetness, and zero calories and an extra boost of nutrition.)

I also love grapefruit — which is purportedly a key to help you regulate insulin levels.

The other two ingredients are carrot and ginger. (Ginger raises your body heat to help you burn more calories — plus it’s great for your digestive system.)

Intrigued just to know what it tasted like, I tried it.

First of all — you DO NOT need a juicer. So, you can stop with that excuse.

I diced the carrots into little cubes, and my hand  stick blender did a great job.

For the grapefruit, I simply peeled the fruit, like an orange, and inserted the sections into the cup.

Then, some shaved ginger, which is always “fresh” in my freezer.

Delicious…. but I added Stevia to sweeten it a bit. It almost tasted like candy — but better.

Making shakes, by the way, I think are a lot of work. Whoever coined “shakes” as a time saver is crazy. It’s much easier to open a box of cereal, pour and add milk. This shake requires a lot of peeling, and cutting… and the mess!

But don’t let that stop you! Make this easy on yourself. Make extra.

Store and freeze. Just remember to pull it out and drink it!


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5 comments to “Good Morning Grapefruit, Carrot and Ginger”
  1. I am going to ask a couple of really silly questions so please forgive me. You used raw carrots, correct? Or were they cooked? (see? silly #1 from an incredibly UN-healthy and tad overweight person) And, could you use a food processor instead of a hand mixer? Or is that just overkill?

    I need to get better at eating breakfast instead of just having a cup of coffee.

  2. Yes… raw carrots… and it would have been better to use a food processor, as it would have pureed more smoothly (but I kind of liked the little tiny chunks.) Food processor would be a definite improvement if you are making batches to freeze.

    Saw you at the end of our game yesterday… intensity level was a bit too high! But did you see your handsome scorekeeper?

  3. Sounds good! I am going to have to try to get Doug to try this especially since grapefruit helps insulin levels………he doesn’t like to eat breakfast before he goes to work…….he could drink this on the way!

  4. I am totally making shakes for breakfast atm. Mostly I go for a banana base as that keeps me satisfied til lunchtime; but I am really excited to consider other options.

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