Good Eggs

For the front door, I skipped St. Patrick’s Day, and just headed toward making an Easter Egg Wreath. Easter is full of harsh pastel colors — lime green, neon pink, and that odd blue that is a cross between neon and cobalt blue.

I want nothing of the sort.  I prefer a more “gentle” awakening to spring. The way Spring natural wakens on it’s own… with Robin’s eggs — that’s a perfect blue.  I tried to find a natural looking brown feather boa… but all I could find was bright pink, lime greens and yellows.

So, I found this yarn in a grayish-bluish brown color — exactly what you might find in a real, live nest outside your door.

And — here’s a cheap trick to make a wreath base — go to the hardware store and find “flexible” tubing in the plumbing department. It’s foam… and cost around $2.

I cut it to size, and I think I’ll be able to make two wreaths from this. Simply duct tape the ends together to make your circle.

I wrapped the fun fur yard around the wreath (it stretches out to make a single thread)… making the wreath kind of fluffy…

Then, I glued on some Robin Egg Blue eggs — rescued from a garish old Easter wreath I found in my attic.

I will say, that my oldest son doesnt’ like this wreath. He says it’s too dark…

but I like it… just because it is kind of quiet, and it highlights the eggs. And, they are some really good looking eggs.


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