Gold Coins are Hard To Find

Why are little bags of chocolate gold coins never available at the grocery store? In hindsight, I believe, they do have them at the drug store… but the drug store is not one of my routine stops. I think of this every year, too late, and end up making cupcakes from scratch, with green icing, left from the leprechaun.

This year, even after they built the clever trap, I decided, “heck with it. The Leprechaun just isn’t making a visit this year… I have waaaaaay too much going on.”

At 10 p.m., a little voice in my house said, “Hmmmm. I wonder when the Leprechaun is going to stop by.”

So, the leprechaun did make a visit after all… almost to the 11th hour…

Four bottles of Ginger Ale,

Four bowls of Lucky Charms — the most Irish things I could find at the grocery store.

The responses of the boys I find insightful:

  • Youngest: The oldest says you did this. (Do you really think I have time for this?)
  • Oldest: Mom does this.
  • 2nd Oldest: Cool…  Irish Soda. (So glad he got the whole “green thing” with the label and everything. My kids are awesome. He understands constraints… and he has a flexible imagination.)
  • 2nd Youngest: Relief. His face says relief… he quietly sighs, and thinks…things are just as they should be… Mom, leprechaun? Definitely Mom — but it doesn’t matter. She is faithful, and reliable, and the world is still turning as it should.

So glad the Leprechaun made it to our house.

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One comment to “Gold Coins are Hard To Find”
  1. Oh so true. Long after they have forgotten ‘the magic’, the magic of family and traditions keeps everything orbiting in its rightful sphere. Long live these little family traditions!

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