Glitter is never a good thing

It’s craft time, I say!

trace his body on paper.

This is not enough.


I pull out the stuff;

every Mother’s worst nightmare;

glittery sprinkles.

It’s OK, I think,

We’ll be outside! No messes.

Friends, I am so calm.

What is the big deal

when they cover the driveway

in sprays of sparkle?

My son said it best;

I think our driveway looks cool.

He’s right about this.


But things turn ugly,

“Take these glitter tubes inside!”

The laundry suffers.

Now, I must learn this

one rule about the glitter

It’s ALWAYS a mess.

So, no wonder this guy’s hiding…If you would like to see the mess they made, you how two little boys sabotaged a perfectly peaceful calm yoga morning, visit here. Happy Haiku Friday Everyone.


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16 comments to “Glitter is never a good thing”
  1. how funny! great ku! i went back and read the glitter post-you had me laughing so hard about the washer thing. thanks for the nightmares i am now going to have! i’ll never let me kids near a laundry room!!

  2. LOL I remember one easter we decided to play a joke on a friend who LOVED glitter and hollowed out some eggs and filled them with glitter. Didn’t tell anyone about it. Then, when said friend came over (with other friends mind you) we went into this spiel about how there used to be a custom of cracking an egg over someone’s head for good luck…and as the one person was talking about it I took a glitter egg and cracked it over the friend’s head! ROFL The house was covered in GLITTER…so was the sidewalk, driveway, bushes…it took weeks for all that glitter to finally wash away! LOL

  3. Ooh, yah, evil. Glitter is pure evil. Even when people send it in cards and whatnot, it’s still evil even across the miles. Still, I loved your haiku, so something good came from the glittery mess 😉

  4. My thing to be afraid of was the children touching the hot oven door when I was baking. I still catch myself warning them to watch out for the hot oven door, and the youngest is 12! Enough already, Mom! I can be so silly.

  5. I have to say, I love glitter! But we have only had very, very tiny amounts in the house.

    But…I just bought some tubes, thinking we could do some outdoor crafts — my son wants a sparkly container of some sort. I may rue this idea.

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