Ghost Writing Projects You’ll Never Know About

The roots of the case went all the way back to 1968, two weeks after the assination of Martin Luther King Jr. Over the July 4th weekend, I was buried in pulling together two weeks worth of research I had complied concerning a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case. The results of the case will definitely change the neighborhood you live in right now, as it centers around giving minorities equal access to neighborhoods with better schools.

This case was all I could eat, sleep snd think sbout over the glory days of the fourth. What part of the story had not been covered before? Was there a side to the story that was overlooked? What words could I use to show the audience what this case means and how can they prepare for it? The struggle paid off, as I found the perfect angle that made the perfect opening to the article.

I wrote the article for a client, who had only minor tweaks of my draft. My article will be published later this month in a prestigious peer publication — and I can tell no one where it is, or that I even wrote it.

But I can tell you about this one… You can read it here.

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