Getting Lost In The Country

On our way to pick apples, I drove along country roads, with a sketch of a map in my head for navigation. For the most part, I just followed a square grid in my head to travel north east, toward the apple orchard.


I thought, for a while, that I was lost. Time looked as if it stopped here.

But, I was open for adventure. I always am…

Here, at this general store, the owner scolded me


for taking this picture of the “Putnam Dyes.”

Later, she invited me to take more pictures in her “gift shop.”

This was after I paid for four ice cream bars… with cash.


Here, the landscape looks as if it


found an era it


liked, and just froze here.

And this, perhaps, is exactly why


I love the lake so much.


Mostly, so that I can just get lost.

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