Get this sticker today

Alert:  There’s been an warning that some voting machine printouts are registering a different candidate than the one chosen on the electronic screen.  It’s sporadic, but alarming. Check the printout after you vote, and tell your friends.

With your sticker, pick up your free cup of coffee at Starbucks. If you did not mail your absentee ballot, you can take it directly to the polls.  If you did mail your ballot, you can pick up your sticker (no wait times) at the polls today.

I wonder if it includes chai lattes?

3 comments to “Get this sticker today”
  1. wonder if Starbucks in the UK will offer that deal to those of us here who voted by absentee . . . maybe the US Embassy would have some? Too bad I don’t have time to look into it – just happy I voted 🙂

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