Get more space in your refrigerator


Can’t find the Ketchup!
Four opened jars of jelly!
Need a bigger fridge.

Then I find this tip
It’s from
Put Loose jars in tubs.

First you sort by type —
Pickles go with sandwich spreads,
Cream goes with Dairy.


Now the kids can find
jam for their peanut butter,
mustard for the ham.


Clementine Boxes
are perfect to recycle
for this handy tip

Just pull out the box
and quickly find what you need
Saves me lots of stress.

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36 comments to “Get more space in your refrigerator”
  1. This is such a great idea! I hate to leave the fridge door open looking for things. I’m sure hubby will love this idea as well, he’s always nagging me about how disorganized I am.

  2. How did you know I have an empty clementine box lurking on the counter because it was too wonderful to simply throw away, yet too poky with big staples to let my kids play with it, just waiting for me to figure out its purpose in life?

  3. Great tips. Unfortunately, even being organized doesn’t help in my family. I’m always the only one that can find anything.
    Happy Haiku Friday!

  4. Your clementines come in boxes? Mine are just sold out of a big bin at the greengrocer’s (and the same at the regular supermarkets, but their quality is lower). I bought some this morning – just picked out as many as I wanted and put them in the ever-present plastic bag for weighing at the checkout.

    PS They’re HUGE right now. If I didn’t know better I’d swear they were oranges…

  5. Ohhhh…that’s a good idea. I saw something similiar, but they suggested putting all the items you use to make kid’s lunches together. Bread, meat, mayo, cheese, etc. Since my kids don’t go to school yet I haven’t had to do this, but it makes sense!

  6. A little Martha Stewart blog. I guess that’s a good thing.
    But what about the tubs of stuff you can’t identify? I keep my fishing worms in the fridge. I guess they will need their own Clementine Box.

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  10. Rita Rudner talks about this in her Vegas comedy routine. She calls it “Refrigerator Blindness”, and it’s typically a guy thing. They look for something in the fridge, and if it’s not right there, in front, waving at them when they open the door, then they can’t find it. They just stand there. They’ll even make the temperature of the kitchen go down ten degrees rather than move the milk. They just won’t do it.

  11. The plastic tubs that hold baby wipe refills fit perfectly in the door of my refrigerator. Not only are they great for organizing, but they also making cleaning the fridge a snap, since they catch all the spills and stickiness from the jar bottoms.

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