Little Known Code Words: The Answers

Here are the answers to the little game from yesterday’s post, Little Known Code Words to Get Kids to Eat. Christopher, you did very well. Your right answers have this *. The “answers” come from Frank and Ernest.

Georgia pie:
is really Peach Pie — and Christopher was right with the “horticulture of Georgia angle” when he guessed Peanut Butter.
Hen Fruit: Egg*
Burn a Snowball: Dip of chocolate ice cream. But Christopher, I like yours better; melt some ice. (Can you imagine working in a diner with someone who had their own version of that one? How do they keep it all straight?!)
Life Preservers: Donuts*
Lighthouse: F&E say a bottle of Ketchup. Christopher guessed a stack of pancakes with with butter on top.
Mike and Ike: OK, Christopher, you are right. It is Licorice flavored theater candies. But, maybe Frank and Ernest was published before that, because they call it salt and pepper shakers.
One from the Alps: A Swiss Cheese Sandwich, but how can you argue with Christopher’s St. Bernard on toast?
Hold the Hail: My favorite. No ice*
Atlanta Special: Coke*
Popeye: Spinach*
Put a Hat On It: Christopher says it’s What bald men do. But in the diner, it’s add ice cream.
Rabbit Food: Lettuce*
Shake One in the hay: Blushing here Christopher — Where babies come from? (No wonder it’s called DeathbyChildren!) No, a strawberry milkshake. How obvious?
Eve with a lid and moo juice: Christopher says, “A painting from the Rennasaince showing Eve blessing a cow. Very controversial.” I like your analysis. But F&E’s is even better: Apple pie and a glass of milk. Clever.
Sneeze: Pepper.
Yum Yum: sugar
Splash out of the garden: Vegetable soup (What happenend to you Christopher?)
Throw it in the mud: Add chocolate syrup.
Wart: Olive
Paint a bow-wow red: Hot Dog with ketchup.
Adam and Eve on a raft, wreck’em: Two scrambled eggs on toast.
Nervous Pudding: Jello, of course.
Raft: You know, Toast!
Burn One, take it through the garden and pin a rose on it. Hamburger with lettuce and tomato.
Balloon Juice: Seltzer

You think this list is good, you should see the pictures in Frank and Ernest. Imagine. All this focus on the words and food, and nobody once says, “Hasn’t ANYBODY noticed that this diner is being run by an Elephant and a Bear?” Don’t you think that’s kind of weird? Honestly, great illustrations.

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4 comments to “Little Known Code Words: The Answers”
  1. One of my most effective retorts has been : “You don’t like chicken? I know you don’t. That’s why this is alligator/ mammoth / sloth / anteater meat”
    I’m going to try some of yours too.

  2. Georgia pie is: peanut butter
    Hen Fruit: eggs
    Burn a Snowball: melt some ice
    Life Preservers (this one is easy): donuts
    Lighthouse: butter on a stack of pancakes
    Mike and Ike: Licorice flavored theater candies
    One from the Alps: St. Bernard on toast
    Hold the Hail: no ice
    Atlanta Special: Coke
    Popeye: Spinach
    Put a Hat On It: What bald men do
    Rabbit Food: Lettuce
    Shake One in the hay: Where babies come from
    Eve with a lid and moo juice: A painting from the rennasaince showing Eve blessing a cow. Very controversial.
    Yum Yum
    Splash out of the garden
    Throw it in the mud
    Paint a bow-wow red
    Adam and Eve on a raft, wreck’em
    Nervous Pudding
    Burn One, take it through the garden and pin a rose on it
    Baloon Juice

  3. My cousin is coming to visit this weekend. He loves quizzes and competition. I can’t wait to shoot this one past him. Especially since I’m going to already know the answers. Thanks for the visit today.

  4. Hey Suz, thanks for commenting in at Pensieve :). This is waaaaaay too complicated to figure out right now, I’m on the run. Bookmarking to come back “as time permits”… You know how THAT goes.

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