Get a Clutter-Free Inbox Without Almost No Effort

For many of us our email in boxes have become the virtual equivalent of the messy desktop, or the overstuffed attic. 

An overstuffed email box can cause your inbox to load slower, and mentally, can just cause all sorts of drag. Every time you open your email, you see the taglines for those unread emails that you know you should be doing something about, but are not. Because that’s just too much work.

Worse, there can be penalties for having an out-of-control email inbox: Gmail says, “You are almost out of space for your Gmail account. Once you run out of space, you will not be able to send or receive any emails until you delete some items.” 

You can have those massive deleting session, which takes up quite a bit of time… and then you have to do it again in a month or so.

There is a way to keep your inbox from getting out-of-control in the first place. Tag your emails for the trash box — so that’s where they go automatically every time. 

Radical, yes. But, you actually have access to emails in your trash box for 30 days. You can see them by scrolling down your folders and opening the trash folder. 

Each day, when you visit your inbox, automatically open up your trash folder. This is where you scroll down and see if there’s anything vital and important that you want to keep. If so, re-tag it and remove the trash label and move it to your inbox.

Obviously, you won’t want to tag all of your emails as trash — but for those routine, regular subscription emails and updates and special offers that fill your inbox daily or weekly, this can be a vital tool. The email is there is you want it, and is automatically deleted after 30 days. Absolutely no effort on your part. So, if you forget to delete it, Gmail has your back. 

 So, here’s a step-by-step tutorial, using Gmail, of how to tage reucrring emails for the trash. 

Open any email that shows up in regular cycles in your inbox, and hit the “more” tab on the right hand side that says, “filter messages like these.”

clean inbox001


Next this pop-up window will appear, and the key here is to ensure you choose “delete it” and ensure that the button at the bottom, “filter all messages like these.” This will ensure every email like this one lurking in the bottom of your inbox is automatically deleted. Even the ones 5 years old!

clean inbox2003Viola! Your inbox is now instantly lighter!

To view your trash inbox, simply hit the trash folder on the left side of your inbox. You may have to click on an arrow for it to appear.

clean inbox2002To move a vitally important email back to your inbox, simply open the email, and hit the file folder icon, and move it to your inbox. clean inbox2001



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