Garden Plans and Markers

After spending two uninterrupted hours working the soil, I left behind a winter’s worth of stress and anxiety. Dirt is relaxing, and I had forgotten that picking up a spade is as exhilarating as a bite into chocolate or a plunge into an aromatic bath.

Those of you needing help designing your own gardens might want to have a look at the on-line Garden Planner. Start with a new plan, or use an existing one.

  • Claudia has done a great job of outlining the double-dig method for starting a garden here. But hang-on, later this week I’ll be posting my own-no-dig method for starting a garden on grass. Much easier on the hands.
  • Cheeky Magpie has found a great way to design garden rocks that can withstand the weather. img_3706
  • vinyl-plant-markers-1.jpg
  • Terrariums are back!  Craftzine has a great how-to here.

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This video,  teaching hungry children how to garden, warms my heart. Now, go relieve some stress and make the world a healthier place.

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3 comments to “Garden Plans and Markers”
  1. HEY!! Susie!! How are you? Thanks for the shout out. Coming to visit you is like a breath of fresh air. Thanks for that!

    You know there’s a new TT movement? ( I’d love to see you back!


  2. Dirt is relaxing? No….really? I know that a hot tub is relaxing, and making bread is relaxing…and a slow walk on a warm day…but dirt? The only relaxing I can think of that involves dirt also involves the use of many, many small green Army men…and I have NO idea where I put them!

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