The fact that this picture is fuzzy is ironic. This was taken during a fuzzy time in our household. The day this picture was taken, I came home from the grocery store; a sitter was here to watch everyone so that I could buy the groceries. I was bleary-eyed from lack of sleep from nursing a newborn, and this little guy was two years old. He saw the bread in the grocery bag, and he wanted it. I started to cut him a piece from the loaf, and he said, “No, No, No.” He wanted the whole thing.

Arguing with him was, and still is, pointless. He will wear you down. So, here he sits, happily with his bread.

I stumbled upon this picture while working on the home movies. As I look at this photo now, it becomes apparent to me that these “fuzzy daze” are gradually fading away from my life. Their legs are getting longer; it’s taking me less time to clean the house (not a WHOLE lot less, almost imperceptible); they don’t complain when I give them “big kid” plates instead of Toy Story plates, and I have fewer arguments over bread.

The photo, fuzzy and all, is framed in my kitchen now as a reminder of those fuzzy days when I was bleary-eyed, and needed a sitter just to go to the grocery store. It’s also a reminder of how just how “little” those “big” problems will look in just a few short years.

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17 comments to “Fuzzy”
  1. Final Cut on my mac is what I have used; however, before this came out and we were putting a lot of stuff into storage for our move, I took all the very old tapes, re-edited them and put them on DVD’s, edited differently for each child. What a work of love — and that was one entire December. Fuzzy Daze? Yes, they get even fuzzier as the children get older.

    After doing a video for my parent’s 50th anniversary and just a few other things, I’ve set most of it aside…. you’ve inspired me to pull out the video camera for the holidays.

  2. It’s sweet picture.

    It really is amazing how quickly time goes and your perspective changes. Some of the things I used to stress about and think would never end are now things I miss so very much. And even moments I thought I would remember forever are starting to slip. Thank goodness for photos. Even fuzzy ones.

  3. This is such a cute picture the whole loaf! Or whatever you call that whole piece of bread!

    Am so happy you can say that now. And really, when you are in ‘that’ situation, you really think things are all fuzzy. And then one day, you can look back and just…smile.

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