Frogs Don’t Always Make Good Babysitters

We struck out. No babysitter to be found anywhere. So, we headed to the lake with the boys. Maybe the frogs would provide a decent alternative?

We hesitated going when we learned that temperatures would soar to the 50s, the snow would melt, and wouldn’t the ice on the lake be gone?  What would the boys possibly do with themselves up there at the lake?

Surprisingly, the lake was still frozen solid, from last week’s bitter chill. But now it was warm, and this air rouses the animals out of their winter hibernation. It didn’t take long before the boys soon had frogs in their hands. On the frozen lake…. in the middle of winter.

He kept moving them to the shore, so they they could “get to a hibernation spot.”

The water on the top of the lake was pure liquid, and underneath the puddles, you could see ridges of ice, 4-6 inches deep. So, when the frogs moved on top of the water, the ice, they were stuck up there, and couldn’t get through the ice to the deeper, warmer water below.

The geese came in for a landing… and hit “land.”

When the boys skated across the water, they made waves, but they stayed on top of the ice. They really did look like Jesus walking on the water.

Look at this bull frog, who is still asleep, in the water, under the ice.

I’m glad, sort of, that we didn’t find a babysitter… just a bit….

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