Fried Flowers

My niece was here at the lake this weekend, and the highlight came when she asked to hide with me while were were playing ghost in the graveyard. (We did get caught — just as we were stealing back to base.) I wanted to make a special treat for the girly side in both of us, so I searched my garden for zucchini blossoms to fry. We had scarcely enough for the 9 of us, so I decided to throw in the nasturtiums. They were a hit with the girls… and my boys and her two brothers.


A Best Shot Monday

Recipe for Fried Flower Blossoms

  • Gather edible flowers — pumpkin, zucchini, nasturtiums or pansies
  • Break egg in bowl, adding a splash of milk and break with a fork.
  • Dredge blossoms in egg mixed with milk.
  • Coat blossoms in flour mixed with sea salt.
  • Fry in a small amount of olive oil, turning once, until crispy.
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