For The Girl Who Drove us To The Airport

This was the surprise winery.

The commercial one.

This was the winery we expected not to like. The touristy one… with all the gimmicks…and show…

“The wine’s not going to be that great,” we said. “But we should at least go see the winery.”

But somehow, they pulled it off,  and surprised us with some great tasting wine.

There was one wine that had a beautiful label. So, we tried the wine. This wine was so good that we bought a bottle to bring home…

This bottle would make a great addition to our wine bottle candle collection — adding a wick and some oil.

This is the wine we’ll give to our friend – the one who drove us to the airport. The girl who helped me get the automatic frog feeder attached to the aquarium, seconds before we left for the airport -who couldn’t resist asking “Why did you wait till the last minute to….” but still helped me anyway. (Because, if you must know,  we just got home from the 7 hour trip of driving the boys to camp, and I just assumed the pet store would have the weekly pellets… but they didn’t.)

I hope she makes a candle out of her bottle too….


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