Fleeting Pets

My boys couldn’t wait to fish. They couldn’t wait to catch the big one. And when they did catch one, they threw him back; but not before feeding him the rest of their bait.


And, I was grateful, during my 5-week stint at the lake, without a TV, that mother nature kept the boys amply supplied with quite a few diversions.  We haven’t had a pet since Max left us.


There were the fish, the turtles, toads, and there was this one frog.

They found him right after the one-ton load of sand came in. So, they began building him a house. This is his playroom. He had tunnels and moats. When the boys swam out to the trampoline, he came along for the ride, on top of their head.


He had plenty of chances to get away, but he never took one. We went up to eat dinner, and came back, to find him still there, basking in the sand. I typically don’t like these kinds of creatures, but this one had a heart. And he had the heart of my boys. So, I was warming up to frog.

That night, we got a terrible storm. The rain poured hard. I worried about the frog. I thought about his house, and the rain crashing the walls of his home down, and how would he get out?

I almost ran outside to help him. But then, I remembered the skunk, and thought better of it. But it didn’t stop me from stay up that night and worrying. The next morning, the rain had cleared. The frog was gone. I’m sure he was fine.

I made a 2-minute video of all the pets, it’s in two parts. For some reason, You Tube wouldn’t take the entire chunk, so I had to split it. Part I, and Part II. A boy and his creatures — this is definitely love at its finest.

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  1. Aw, how sweet! I think it’s wonderful to see children enjoying animals like that. Julia has a place in her heart for them, too. She loves to dig and find worms and has a little caterpillar relocation program going on at our place.

  2. Ahhh, summer pets. We’ve done tadpoles, salamanders and turtles in recent years. One year, we even studied the life cycle of the cicada. Ick! And ust last week, I “helped” a tiny toad escape its pen.

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