First Day Haiku

With your baby face

held high and a beaming grin,

you marched off to school.


carrying news, “Grandpa is fine,”

inside of your heart.

We brought Popsicles

in a blue cooler to share,

sixteen boys and five girls

for this class of — geesh!

it’s 2022!

(How old will I be?!)

While you played skunk tag,

in gym, and made a tree from

construction paper,

(Why didn’t I cry???)

I wrapped your presents for you

and fell into sleep…

gathering my strength

to heal from the outpatient

procedure that left

my gum in stitches.

I did some yoga

free class, on yogatoday

and took a deep breath.

Gathering my strength

to listen to Lance Armstrong

talk about The Ride.

No, I didn’t cry

but at the end, I paused when

you stood on the step

in your birthday crown.

As your brother reached over

and tenderly gave

your ear a small squeeze.

And I noticed something else —

Your brother’s eyes

were so full of pride.


Happy Birthday Little Guy!


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