Figure that

Our year-round lake neighbor gave us this package of pancake mix — because he loves it and thought we would too. We do.

I was roused from my sleep this morning by voices whispering at the top of my bed for pancakes. In my bleary-eyed state, I stumbled to the kitchen, attempting to follow directions. I must have read the package at least 8 times looking for the instructions when I finally realized I was reading the instructions all along.

They simply say to, “figure that a cup of dry pancake mix will make enough for 10 average size pancakes. Add “enough” liquid” (whatever you want, I guess) … By then, the print was getting too hard to read, so I just winged it and threw in the blueberries.

The pancakes were a marvelous way to start the day.

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2 comments to “Figure that”
  1. Hey Susie…

    What are you doing up there at the lake? Seems like all your posts have been about the kids waking you up. Are you just letting them run around all day while you sleep? (hehehe!)

    Hope you are enjoying yourselves!

  2. Hi Susie! Life has been mad lately. I have missed catching up with your days and boys. Why does all your food look so GOOD even when it’s cooking? It kind of reminds me again how lacking I am in the kitchen department.

    We had pancakes today at school. The UK/Aus tradition involves sugar or syrup and lemon juice. I’d never thought of blueberries. Must get the BA to try that next time she makes pancakes.

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