Fifth Grade Version of The Apprentice

I have never been so busy NOT HELPING my son. He’s in the middle of Mini-Mall. Just a part of what is causing me to spin a little out of control and causing me to rein myself back into balance. A fifth grade version of The Apprentice, but no one gets fired — they just make money. (Although this is 45-year tradition at his school.) Complete with business loans that earn 8% interest, planning and forecast sheets, and market analysis to refine their products, they’re in business. Once they created a proto-type of their product, they had to go out on the school yard and ask other kids if they would buy it, and for how much. Then, back to the drawing board for refinement. I’m not supposed to help him – unless he pays me. There are legends and tall tales about this project. My favorite is of the five Daves who got up each morning at 5 during the mini-mall’s 3-day run, to make donuts. (This one is true — I know the Mom.) So, this is what my son and his business partner have been busy working on:

minmal.gif First, the signage: Check out the details: (That’s a self-portrait of them busy at work.)minimal1.gif
They found rocks, and used paint and googly eyes to make Rock Turtles: Cost to make $.31. Selling price $1.25 Cute, huh? I’ve already got my eye on one — He’s mine.

Sponges, rubberbands and wire to create Slingshots: Cost to make: $1.50 Selling Price: $2.00
Recycled baby-food jars, glitter, food coloring and sea creatures make Sea Globes: Cost to make $.24. Selling Price: $1.25

  • Not pictured — making at the very last possible minute, Blue Jell-O poured into a plastic sandwich bag, with one gummy fish, and a plastic spoon. Shark Bites: Cost to make: $.24 Selling Price: $1.00 These are my favorite. They look like the fish-in-a-bag that you win at the fair.

Products are sold to underclassmen during afternoon recess, May 22, 23, and 24. They keep their profits, after repaying loans, and 10 percent goes to charity. I’ll keep you posted on their results.


14 comments to “Fifth Grade Version of The Apprentice”
  1. Having checked with one of the five Daves (now turning 30), it seems that in memory the best part of “Daves’ Donuts” was that they slept over at each others’ houses ON SCHOOL NIGHTS for the early morning donut production. He loved hearing that they are legends of Mini-Mall history.

  2. I love the turtles! I can actually envision those taking off like the “pet rock” phenomenon. Actually, I like everything they’ve come up with. Very, very creative. What a great project for the kids, too!

    I’ll check back and see how they did!!

    Jessica The Rock CHick

  3. Donice, I can picture the whole thing! I didn’t know a sleep-over was involved too — what fun that must have been. How many donuts did you make each morning, and did that number increase each day of the sale? We’re pouring the jello into plastic bags tonight — trying to make 100 for the first day.

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