Fast and fresh with lots of Freckles

This is what my child has learned at school about phonics:

“I didn’t know your name starts with ‘S!'”

“Can’t you hear the ‘SSSSSS’ sound when you hear Susie?”

“That means your name starts with the same letter as one of the goooooood kissers.”

“Oh. What makes someone a gooooooood kisser?”


“She’s reeeeeelly, reeeeeeeeeeely fast… and she has freckles.”

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  3. Hey, Lady! Wish I’d known about the ghostprints waaaaay back in the day when my kids were little! That would have been a lot of fun!
    Just returning a visit to my site…..have a great weekend!

  4. My son told me yesterday that almost everyone in the class has “green” cards which means their behavior is good. However, cute, sweet Sasha has a blue card because she is a kissing bandit.

    Said 4-year old son instructed me that “loving in school is ok, but not kissing. Mom’s can kiss in school, but not kids.” Hope the lovin’ stays in check!

  5. I don’t have any children, but I do love hearing stories about my mates children & the wonderful things they come out with! Enjoy your weekend

  6. Cute!!

    They learn too much – it is scary sometimes. The educational system out here is very different – very difficult to find a good school and it is way too expensive.

  7. Oh this is precious! Our little guy said about his someday-soon stepsister (my daughter), “I played with a really nice little girl today. We had lots of fun. She had freckles just like B. Except all over the place!”.

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