Fake Eggs, Fake Milk

These pictures have nothing whatsoever to do with this post.


view009But, as this conversation is happening, this is what I’m looking at. Fun Size insisted that we buy the Krusteaz brand of pancake mix. A mom made them at a sleepover. When we pulled the box off the shelf at Wal-Mart, he asked if he could cook them. I said sure. 


Pancakes for me, are a powerhouse of nutrition. This is the place where I can add ground flax seed meal, protein powder, whole grains, and whatever is needed for a growing boy to make it through all the challenges he makes during the day.

He’s still busy in the kitchen making them, and he brought me one to sample, where I am focused, on the deck, in a yoga routine, oblivious to the fact that I am standing on one leg, looking up and behind me. I managed to eat half of one of his pancakes– not bad, nice and fluffy. He’s doing a spectacular job, really, making them, without too much mess.

“Do you want to know the secret ingredient that makes these so good?”



“Fake eggs and fake milk. All you do is add water to the mix,” he adds smiling. .”


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