Excuse me while my heart skips a beat


And this:


And then, my heart stopped, and because now, he looks like this:


And he reads, and in five months he will go to school all…day… long. And, he’s not even my baby.

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9 comments to “Excuse me while my heart skips a beat”
  1. I really think it should be mandatory uniform that all little kids wear stripey overalls, especially when they’re cleaning the beaters. Wonderful pictures – the one of the lake is gorgeous!

  2. such an adorable child!! wow!
    i just realized i haven’t been here in a couple days…and, i’ve missed so many posts!!
    loved the ireland pictures
    and the toy posts…
    i can’t wait to get my laptop back!!

  3. Watching our new one is bringing back all those stages with dudelet. I volunteered to help out on a school trip at his nursery today and watching him go about his routine there – this whole other independent life which is nothing to do with us – made me quite tearful. He used to be such a tiny little baby, striking the very same pose in a pram as yours is striking in his bouncy seat. And now…

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