Except for this — it’s Exactly the Same

I’m making this for brunch this morning:

Source: noblepig.com via Susie J on Pinterest


All except for the following adaptations:
I’m not too keen on having that many carbs… so I decided to boil/saute some potatoes to substitute for the bread crumbs. Then, it hit me. Potatoes are full of carbs…. so I’ve been visiting this amazing recipe site that substitutes califlower for potatoes, (which I also found on Pinterest) and it is awesome… and cauliflower gives you so many more vitamins than potatoes.
So, instead of bread crumbs, I’m substituting cauliflower… and everything else is exactly the same. Except for the fact that my kids like their eggs “invisible.” Except for the single egg lover, they don’t want to know they’re eating an egg… so I will probably mix the egg with some cream to make the eggs invisible and pour it over the top. Other than that, it’s exactly the same.

The result? There was barley any left after I came downstairs after my shower… and I had yet to eat.
P.S. I have so much fun with Pinterest.


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