Exactly HOW MUCH ice and salt

Do you need to make cream turn into ice cream? We had our recipe, our hill, our cans,

and our thermometer – for educational purposes, of course.

We sealed in the ingredients,

notice the paint on the hammer.

and we started rolling…

and rolling

and rolling.

The can was cold.

We opened it up; we tested the ice, hoping to reach our 6-degree mark… still too warm.

So we rolled again.

Still, we had cream and no ice cream.

Finally, the sunset… the kids said, “This is too much work.”

So, not so great of a plan. But, I have found a way to minimize my grocery trips to the store. Read more here. And, you can read my report on the four-boy wedgie test. Hanes has new “no ride up” underwear, and the boys test them out, here.

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