Everybody knows at least one Christmas Miracle

Cookies that she made

So much prettier than mine

One night I missed them

I cried and I wrote

I heard a knock at the door

I saw only these.


What’s your Christmas Miracle?

Haiku Friday.

18 comments to “Everybody knows at least one Christmas Miracle”
  1. Great haiku…very heartfelt.

    Greatest miracle? Easy one there…..having my husband home BEFORE Christmas after a 15 month deployment.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Nope, Shannon. It was actually on the shelf in the library yesterday when I was looking for an audio book. It was the audio version, and I still passed it by. Not brave enough yet. I went for R is for Ricochet instead!

  3. Your mother’s handwritten recipes brought tears to my eyes. We made my grandmother’s gingerbread men yesterday — a tradition we’ve always had and memories of her were shared and so she stays alive with us in that way.

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