Ever wonder why we have so many allergies today?

Go read this.

Still, all things in moderation, Grandma always used to say.  But, maybe we should go ahead and order those vegetable seeds and plant that bean fort. Anyway, planting seeds in dirt and watching them start indoors is a great way to fight the winter blues.

Kids and dirt: It’s a good thing.
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3 comments to “Ever wonder why we have so many allergies today?”
  1. The worm thing sorta creeps me out, but I think the gist is right on. Now that I am seeing a naturopath more frequently for my autoimmune issues, I have relaxed a bit. Every time the kids catch a cold, she assures me, their immune systems get a chance to run their courses and become stronger, but stronger in a less attacking way.

    Thanks for that link.

  2. Susie – This post totally freaked me out because I JUST finished writing one about that same NY Times article! How weird is that? Mine’s set to post Monday; in the meantime, I’m seriously considering your bean fort.

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