EPCOT, What Happened?

Was it too labor intensive?


The parade, where you danced around, high on stilts, reaching down to say hi to us.

parThe parade was loaded with people — but that’s what made it so intimate. You were there, Disney, with us, on the streets.

I have found memories of that parade… old vintage pictures stored in my camera from ten years back… never believing they would become collector’s items.


Where are those fabulous costumes stored? How DO you store them?DISNET FLO VERT

You stopped dancing on the streets right after 9-11. Are you letting them win? Where is the great wheel of drums? Collecting dust?


You do understand, that the fireworks, and the ball on the water is fairly, Ho, Hum — and for Disney, that’s not quite up to par.


And, you are aware that the ball can’t even make it around the entire lake — where we are all standing, eating Bavarian Pretzels over by Germany. 

We stood in the cold, shivering, waiting. Your announcer told us, repeatedly, every five minutes, we would be enthralled. So we stood and waited… but barely nothing.

Bring back IllumiNations, Disney.

It’s been long enough.

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  1. We are a Disney loving family. We usually take our kids every year. I know exactly the parade you are talking about. We LOVED it and still wonder why they stopped it.

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