Elf’s To Do List


Dear Elf,

Now that you’re here, there are some things you need to understand. First, this is a VERY BUSY household. I expect you to pull your weight, and I’ve created a to-do list for you to check everyday. I know you are cute as a button, but you are still, after all, an Elf. So, let’s get started.

  1. elf7.gif

    Please keep track of the Advent Calendars. I think I have about four of them in all shapes and sizes, none of them have the right date. Please, keep us organized.

  2. elf3.gif
    Guard this mixer at all costs. I don’t care what happens, do not let me attempt to make beautifully-decorated Christmas cookies. They will taste great, but they will never be as pretty as they should.  So, just to keep me from exploding into a fit of frustration over the next 7 days, keep me away from this mixer.

  3. elf4.gif
    Check the Christmas cards as they come in. Make sure that if any card comes in that is not on our list, that they get one ASAP.

  4. elf2.gif
    Keep us full of Christmas Cheer. Use the karaoke machine, and start singing some Christmas Carols. Get the children involved in a sing-a-long. Just make everybody HAPPY!
  5. elf6.gif
    Please, for the sake of the children, refrain yourself from taking rides on the ceiling fans. I know you are an Elf, and I know you are supposed to be a bit goofy. One boy here already thinks he is a full-blooded superhero, and thinks he should be taking rides too. So, please stop swinging on the ceiling fans.

I’m glad we’ve had this little talk. I know you will be leaving soon, and yes, I will probably miss you, and all your little tricks. But hopefully, our last few days before Christmas can be as stress-free as ever, thanks to your help.


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29 comments to “Elf’s To Do List”
  1. VERY CUTE!!! Does he have a brother? Cousin? Father? Male relative of any sort? I would’nt mind having one of those myself! (wink-wink) I need all the help I can get! Ha ha!

  2. May we borrow Mr. Elf? We need someone to get our multiple Advent calendars back in order. Not only are they all on different days, but their hidden surprises are spread all over the house.

  3. I love it! Does he have a brother that can come live with us for the Christmas season?! I can’t believe the school “made” you buy it, but he sounds like a great christmas tradition now!

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